Building Remedial & Rectification Services

McCarthy Coatings provide a wide range quality exterior and Interior Commercial Painting service solutions, products and applications.

Renowned for our excellent workmanship and finishes achieved through many years of Industry experience and product knowledge.

McCarthy Coatings provide a highly professional painting service to our clients. Our process guides our clients smoothly from quotation to project sign off. We have a zero defect policy which means our workmanship is of high industry standard and backed by product warranties. 

Our team of qualified staff, project managers, and customer service means the painting process is hassle free for all our valued clients.

Our Remedial Services

McCarthy Coatings offer a range of cost effective services and solutions for our valued clients. Our services can be packaged together, allowing us to provide a one stop shop solution for your project.


of concrete surfaces

Remedial repairs

Concrete cancer & spalling

Grinding & rust removal

Repairs to reinforced concrete steel

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Remedial & Rectification Works

Offering a wealth of knowledge derived from years of practical trade experience, McCarthy Coatings excel in the field of Building Remedial Works, Rectification of Concrete Surfaces including cancer, spalling and other structural damage repairs.

In reinforced concrete the steel is normally protected against corrosion by the pacification of alkalinity in the cement matrix and protective coatings. Due to the ingress of aggressive environmental influences over time, the steel can corrode and cause cracks under stress loading conditions.

Three conditions must exist for reinforcing steel to corrode:

Commercial Exterior Painting

Concrete & Structural Repairs

Our quality controlled, safe removal of all concrete spalling, rust, corrosion, efflorescence and structural damage repair works are carried out by our highly qualified and experienced Repairs Team.


Following the completion of all all repairs, appropriate protective coatings can then be applied to the substrate structure, assuring strength and longevity for your building restoration.

Stairs Damage Repair

Remedial Repairs

Stairs Damage Repair
Stairs Painting