McCarthy Coatings provide all our clients with reliable, professional and friendly services and solutions for Commercial and Residential projects on the Gold Coast and Brisbane. Our free quotations and competitive pricing, makes starting your project inspiring.
We create tailor-made packages for every project. 


PAINTING services



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working at heights

pressure cleaning

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painting services

We provide a wide range of quality exterior and interior painting services, solutions, products and applications. With decades of industry experience our team 

We're renowned for our excellent workmanship and finishes achieved through many years of industry experience and product knowledge.

McCarthy Coatings utilise premium products together with effective methodologies to achieve a quality, lasting result.

Internal & External      /     Commercial & Residential  

+ Interior & Exterior Painting 
+ Remedial Plaster Repairs
+ Decorative Wall Finishes 

+ Textured Coatings
+ Feature Finishes  
+ Colour Consultation


Venetian Plaster blends traditional artisan craftsmanship with contemporary style to deliver truly elegant and unique finishes to be enjoyed in both residential and commercial settings.

Our premium Italian products  are enriched with natural elements. These can be applied to walls, ceilings, bathrooms, counter tops, kitchens, staircases, Columns, & architectural features. Venetian plaster offers opulent statement features or subtle finishes whilst being completely customisable. 

Our artisan craftsman provide our clients with stand out designs. An inspiring combination of colours, textures and design will bring your space to life.

Blending traditional artisan craftsmanship with contemporary style to deliver captivating finishes. Each design is a unique one off, piece of art, bringing your imagination into reality.

A Masterpiece in Every Space

+ Polished Plaster
+ Split Stone
+ Concrete

+ Pearl & Metallic 
+ Suede 
+ Stone Texture Coatings 


+ Muro + Bronze Chip
+ Zen & Bamboo
+ Sogni Stone


At McCarthy Coatings, we know that protecting the substrate of your building from the elements is paramount.

Our goal is to ensure your building and structure is protected which is why we provide a range of quality protective coating services and expert advice.

Protective Coatings provide long term protection against corrosion, water ingress, chemical attack, graffiti defacement, abrasion and extremes of harsh UV.

Durable      |      Protection      |      Experience

+ Industrial Grade Products
+ Membrane Coatings
+ Two-Pack Coatings
+ Waterproofing

+ Concrete Sealing
+ Substrate Preparation
+ Rust Treatment & Removal
+ Graffiti Resistant Coatings


McCarthy Coatings have a wealth of knowledge and experience in building remedial repair works. Our team has years of practical trade experience in remedial repairs such as rectification of concrete surfaces, concrete cancer, spalling and other surface damage.  

Our safe removal of all concrete spalling, rust, corrosion, efflorescence, and exterior wall damage are completed by our highly qualified, competent, and experienced repairs team to ensure a lasting and professional result.

We know the importance of protecting your building against degradation which is why our repair services offer the best solutions available.

Render Repairs      |      Building Rectification    

+ Rust Treatment/ Removal
+ Corrosion & Efflorescence Repair
+ Exterior wall Repairs

+ External Render/ Concrete Repairs
+ Internal Patching & plaster repairs 
+ Water Damage Repairs/ Rectification


We provide our clients with a beautiful selection of flooring solutions and products. We believe in sourcing unique quality products focusing on natural or nature inspired designs.

McCarthy Coatings have selected the finest product range to suit an array of spaces and compliment our painting and Venetian Plaster Finishes. 

We are passionate about selecting only the best in quality flooring products at affordable prices. 

Our designers have hand selected an opulent range of flooring selections with exquisite Travertine, Sand Stone and quality Wood.

View our product range on display at our Gold Coast Showroom. 

Quality Products     |      Luxury Designs

+ Natural Stone
+ Travertine
+ Sand Stone

+ Wood & Hybrid & Herringbone
+ Quality Tiles
+ Microcement - No Joins


McCarthy Coatings offer a range of waterproofing services, products, and solutions to prevent damaging water ingress to your property and asset.

A building with the correct waterproofing in place is paramount to ensuring the structure is sound and protected. We provide our waterproofing services at the preventative phase or in response to water damage to protect the structural integrity.

McCarthy Coatings are vastly experienced and extremely knowledgeable in all areas of waterproofing. Water leaking into a property can result in mould, bacteria and degeneration of wood-supported structures. Not only can our team of experts identify water ingress issues but provide an array of waterproofing solutions specific to your building and project.

McCarthy Coatings provide waterproofing solutions for wet areas such as bathrooms and laundries. Speak to us today about how we can create cost effective package services for your project.

Protect     |      Seal    

+ Retaining walls
+ Joint Sealing
+ Waterproofing beds 
+ Balconies

+ Water ingress identification/ repair
+ Bathrooms & Wet Areas
+ Membranes
+ Crack injection 

working at heights

McCarthy Coatings has a vastly experienced and highly qualified access team that can safely and confidently access all areas of your building.

McCarthy Coatings can devise an effective tailored access plan for your building to ensure your project is completed, with emphasis on time, cost, quality, and safety. 

We provide access solutions to our clients to safely and efficiently complete the project. 

Safe     |      Efficient    |      Cost Effective

+ Elevated Work Platform EWP
+ Safe Working at Heights
+ Abseil Access

+ Swing Stage
+ Scissor & Boom Lift
+ Scaffolding

pressure cleaning

McCarthy Coatings provide professional high pressure cleaning services to the Gold Coast and Brisbane areas. 

We utilise quality and effective industrial grade high pressure cleaning equipment with a minimum capacity of 4000psi. Our modern and effective equipment allows us to achieve amazing results for our clients.

Pressure cleaning is an integral step in the preparation process of the application of coatings to external substrates. The removal of dirt, grease and oil is imperative to ensure maximum product adhesion.

We package our high pressure cleaning services within our external painting quotations to ensure best results and maintain product warranties. 

Further, our pressure cleaning service is an excellent stand alone service to maintain your buildings coatings, paths, driveways and to remove contaminants and mould.

High Pressure Washing 

+ Substrate Preparation 
+ Industrial Grade Equipment 
+ Stand out Results

+ Mould & Contaminant Removal
+ Pressure Cleaning to Heights
+ Building Maintenance 

Design Services

Our colour consultation service is guided by your needs and vision. With up to date colour trend advice and an array of colours to suit any project, we take the guesswork out of colour selection.   

We work alongside some of the best colour consultants and designers. Not only do we provide information on current colour trends, we can also generate a coloured digital render of your project before we begin.

We are share your passion for your project which is why we opened our Gold Coast showroom. Our showroom experience inspires clients to see and touch our exclusive finishes and designs. 

Inspire     /       Imagine         /      Create 

+ Colour Consultation virtual/in-person
+ Colour inspiration in showroom
+ Digital render of project

+ Custom colour scheme creation
+ Custom Decorative Finish Designs
+ Custom Venetian Plaster Samples 

We're Passionate About Your Project



+ Internal & External Painting
+ Remedial & Render Repairs
+ Venetian Plaster
+ Concrete Cancer Repairs
+ Abseil heights Access 
+ Decorative Finishes 
+ Protective Coatings 
+ Waterproofing 
+ Pressure Cleaning
+ 2 Pack Coatings
+ Colour Consultation

Commercial Projects:
+ Retail
+ Fit outs 
+ Office
+ Body Corporate 
+ High Rise Buildings 
+ Industrial 
+ Schools & Universities 
+ Complexes & Townhouses

+ Internal & External Painting
+ Remedial & Render Repairs
+ Venetian Plaster
+ Decorative Finishes 
+ Protective Coatings 
+ Waterproofing 
+ Pressure Cleaning
+ 2 Pack Coatings
+ Kitchen & bathroom finishes
+ Colour Consultation
+ Custom colours and designs

Residential Projects:
+ Houses & Apartments 
+ New Builds
+ Renovations 
+ Staircases & Columns a
+ Architectural features
+ Bathrooms
+ Kitchens
+ Feature Walls

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