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Beginning with all life on earth, limestone is formed in the oceanic environment.
The origins of lime plaster go back more than five thousand years and have been found in ancient civilisations around the world.

Ancient stucco remnants were uncovered on the island of Crete from around 3000 B.C. The people of Greece later introduced this building material to Egypt where it was used to help construct many of the Pharaohs palaces. The beauty of natural limestone was also applied artistically to the exquisite Egyptian palaces and temples. 

The ancient art of stucco was spiritually influenced by the life of the people who used it. Today, stucco is produced throughout the world, but the true Venetian Plasters or "Stucco Veneziano" is still only produced in a small region of Northern Italy - using the same water and magnesium quality dolomite limestone that has been used for centuries.
Some of the Renaissance's greatest artists used lime stucco to paint many of the world's most famous frescos like those of Michelangelo in Rome.

Italian lime plaster blends traditional artisan craftsmanship with contemporary style to deliver elegant and unique finishes enjoyed in residential and commercial settings.
Our Italian certified applicators create finishes inspired by the earth's beautiful and calming elements, such as natural stones and earthy textures. Our exclusive designs range from cloudy velvety suede finishes to texture and even high shine polished plaster.
In addition to being aesthetically beautiful, there are many other benefits to love.

We're now seeing The Gold Coast property market moving towards a focus on Lime Plaster in the home as functional art. We're seeing our coatings elevating property value significantly.

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