Benefits of Commercial Painting on the Gold Coast

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What are the top benefits of commercial painting on the Gold Coast?


Below we outline the top benefits of hiring professional painting services for commercial buildings located on the Gold Coast.


1. Kerb appeal

Kerb appeal is just as important for commercial buildings as it is for domestic properties. When a potential customer walks past your building, it must look inviting and welcoming. 


If your building looks run-down and decrepit, e.g. paint peeling off the walls and graffiti on the front door, a person may presume your products or services are of the same quality as your building’s exterior.


2. Long-lasting results

There is no doubt about it, the Gold Coast is a beautiful place to live and work. However, the blazing sun, salty air and rainfall can quickly cause buildings to look aged and warped. If you try to paint your commercial building yourself, you may find as soon as you have finished painting, environmental factors harm the finish and quality of your paintwork. 


Professional, commercial painters, have the equipment and specialist tools, such as protective paint coatings, that can ensure paintwork retains its quality for the long-term and isn’t harmed by the Gold Coast environment.


3. First impression

The exterior of your building is often the first thing your employees and business partners will see. It is important you set the right impression by hiring commercial painting services that can keep your building looking professional. 


Taking care of your building proves to your employees you want to create a welcoming, aesthetic work environment for them, helping to boost their workplace morale and general wellbeing.


4. Boost value

If you are hoping to sell your commercial property, or rent units inside your commercial property, improving the exterior of your building is a straight-forward and simple way to boost the value of your property. Professional, commercial painting services will ensure your property is ready for rent or sale. 


If your commercial property has been sat on the market for a long period of time, new paintwork can breathe new life in the property and help the property gain more interest.


Trust McCarthy Coatings for commercial painting services


McCarthy Coatings are licensed, qualified and insured painting specialists who can complete painting services on commercial properties of all sizes. We only hire tradespeople who are qualified and experienced in commercial painting, to ensure every job we complete fits the McCarthy Coatings high standard. 


We work flexibly to your time frame and aim to always fit the desired budget of our clients. 


Sustainability is at the heart of our company and we look to reduce waste and use environmentally measures where possible.


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