A Guide To Picking Painters On The Gold Coast

Residential Exterior Painting

When you are choosing a team of contractors to paint the exterior or interior of your building, then it is important that you take steps to ensure that you are putting your trust in reliable workers like McCarthy Coatings. When you are searching for painters on the Gold Coast, you should be relieved to find that they will usually have to be licensed or registered before they can work in the area.

Checking for certificates

Your first step should always be to ask potential painters for evidence of their registration or other sorts of licence. They will be able to provide you with this if they are actually registered, and you can check their license online to show that they are they say they are. At McCarthy Coatings, we have our QBCC license and ABN readily available for all our clients.

Talking about coatings

One thing that your qualified painter should know a great deal about is the coatings on the exterior of your property. Being trained to apply these coatings to suit the needs of your building, and to meet the requirements of the industry is a big part of the training that the McCarthy Coatings team have to go through. Whatever your exterior, we can advise the best action plan to paint it!

Understanding the Australian standards

There is a countrywide Australian Standard which is a guide to painting buildings and is something that all licensed painters should be able to meet. If you can find the right painter, then they should be able to show you how to paint different materials including clay bricks, timber, and weatherboard.

If you want to ask us more about what we plan to do with the outside of your building, and to make sure that we provide you with the best coatings possible for the exterior of your property, then you should take the time to reach out to us today!

Find the perfect paintersIf you are looking for expert painters on the Gold Coast, then you should speak to McCarthy Coatings. You can contact us online through our enquiry form or call us on 1800-826-003 now.

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